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DONALD TRUMP RELEASES IMMIGRATION REFORM PLAN DESIGNED TO GET AMERICANS BACK TO WORK AP Photo/Danny Johnston by MATTHEW BOYLE16 Aug 2015Washington, DC6,434 Billionaire Donald Trump released a detailed immigration policy position paper on Sunday morning,…
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– Fox Tried to Torpedo Trump

Fox News’ moderators, not the candidates, apparently got the orders from “big-time Republican donors” to take out Donald Trump during Thursday night’s GOP debate, talk show host Rush Limbaugh claims. “We all made a mistake,”…
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– Trump’s Momentum

By Joshua Green A few hours before Thursday’s Fox News debate, a friend of Donald Trump’s confided to me that Trump was nervous. Not about the competition — he could handle them. No, Trump worried about Fox…
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– Kelly Over Alleged Debate

Donald Trump vented his fury at Megyn Kelly after Thursday night’s debate, tweeting and retweeting a stream of insults about the Fox News host, including ones calling her a “loser,” a “bimbo,” “overrated” and “angry.”…
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